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One of the most crucial steps to take as a new parent or after moving to a new location is to get a qualified family dentist who can handle the entire family's dental health needs. Regular visits to the dental office are crucial to maintaining good oral health. The dental professional has to be trustworthy and skilled enough to keep the entire family comfortable during appointments.

The family dentist has the required qualifications to treat patients from all age groups. Family dentistry focuses on oral health needs at different life stages, whether it be young or elderly. A family dentist is essentially a general dentist, and by choosing them, one is ensuring the family's oral needs are handled.

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Services of the family dentist

Family dentists usually specialize in general and preventive dentistry, while some may also offer restorative and cosmetic services. Some of the common services offered by family dentists include:

Routine cleaning and examination

The biannual dental checkup that occurs every six months is vital for patients of all age groups. It allows the family dentist to detect oral issues like gum disease or cavities before they worsen into severe problems. The checkups also provide a chance to monitor the child's dental development. The dentist will perform teeth cleaning to get rid of plaque and tartar from the teeth.

Fluoride treatments and dental sealant

Dental sealants are preventive treatments usually provided for children. They are applied over the molars (and sometimes premolars) to prevent debris from accumulating on their grooves and prevent decay. Fluoride treatment remineralizes the teeth enamel to make it strong enough against cavities, however, patients of all ages require fluoride on a regular basis. 

Cavity exam and filling

Dental cavities remain one of the most prevalent childhood issues, yet they can be prevented. The family dentist can examine the teeth for signs of cavities and provide tooth-colored fillings to correct the decay. Early detection of cavities prevents significant damages to the tooth or spread of infection.

It is also normal for adults to have cavities too, thus requiring them to also undergo a filling procedure. 


Family dentists usually offer orthodontic examinations to check the development of children's teeth. They additionally can monitor any shift that adult teeth make to determine if straightening is needed. If teeth straightening services are not available in-house, the family dentist can provide any referral needed to help their parents get correctly aligned smiles.

Gum disease treatment

Family dentists usually provide treatment for patients dealing with periodontal disease. The service may include scaling and root planing or periodontal maintenance.

Education and updates

Family dentists can provide guidance for proper dental care, assistance with choosing the best oral health products, and whatever will help patients maintain good oral health. They will inform the family about their oral health status and may discuss new techniques and technologies that may prove to be beneficial.

Reasons to get a family dentist

Some of the benefits of getting a family dentist include:


Since family dentists have the facilities to treat patients of all ages regardless of their dental issues, there is no need to visit multiple dental offices when it is time for routine dental checkups. Therefore, if someone needs dental implants, cavity filling, or veneers, these needs can be met in the same office that handles a dental examination.

The family can visit the dentist at the same time, making their dental care seamless and less stressful. Family dentists also tend to work with patients to arrange a convenient appointment time that fits into their schedule. This may mean early or late appointments to meet the patient's needs.

Build a solid relationship

It is good to have a family dentist that specializes in general services who is familiar with every family member. It makes everyone comfortable at the dental office and they are able to talk freely about their concerns. 

Tracking dental history is easier

It is harder to track each family member's dental records if they constantly get services from different dental health providers. The family dentist treats the child until adulthood. This makes it easier to evaluate the person's reaction to past treatments and keep track of any developing issues.

Parents can set good examples

When every family member visits the same dentist, children can see how their parents handle dental appointments and that can ease their minds. Children are less likely to get agitated in the dental office if their parents undergo the same procedure without freaking out.

Finding a family dentist

When seeking a family dentist, it helps to know the type of services available from the dental professional. One also needs to know the kind of facilities and technology available. This may require a bit of research or fact-checking. Finding a good general dentist is the first step towards getting proper oral care.

Education and credentials are important aspects to consider. A solid general dentist needs to have completed an undergraduate program and attended an accredited dental school. They also need to engage in continuing education after graduating because new techniques and technologies keep coming into the dental field.

Services – when searching for a dentist for the family, it is critical to choose one that provides the services required by the family. This means defining the oral needs of the family. Good dental cleaning is necessary, but the family dentist needs to offer a wide range of dental services so that every family member has access to proper dental care. 

Provisions for children – many dental practices handle every family member without a special focus on children. This removes the need to change dentists when they grow older, and the family dentist will then know about the patient's medical and dental history.

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Having a family dentist makes it easier to provide oral care for everyone in the family, regardless of their age. Choosing a reliable family dentist allows one to create a lasting relationship in order to get the best care for the entire family. 

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