When You Should Visit an Emergency Dentist for a Toothache

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In most cases, a toothache is the first indication of a problem with the teeth or gums. It usually warrants a visit to the emergency dentist. If the pain persists for more than a few days, it might be a case of tooth infection or worse. Failure to seek prompt treatment can cause lasting damage, which may require costly and invasive procedures to treat. The emergency dentist can examine the mouth, determine the cause of the pain, and recommend effective treatment.

When is toothache an emergency?

Many patients usually want to know if the pain they feel is an emergency or not. Multiple factors determine the answer to that question. If the tooth is knocked out and bleeding, patients need to go to the emergency dental office immediately. The tooth should be cleaned and kept moist so the dentist can restore it to its socket. To stop the bleeding, patients need to keep the pressure on the area so that clotting can form in the tooth socket. It is advisable not to postpone a trip to the dental office as the problem will only worsen over time without dental intervention.

A toothache may vary in severity and presentation, meaning it could be a mild ache or sharp or stabbing pain. The teeth can also feel very sensitive to touch and temperature. It is vital to note that the pain is not normal and not something to endure. If the pain has persisted for a while and does not stop despite using over-the-counter meds, an emergency dentist is needed. Patients need to book an appointment for an evaluation if the pain occurs with other serious signs like fever, swelling, tooth abscess, loose teeth, and difficulty swallowing or breathing.

In some cases, patients may be able to wait until normal business hours to visit the general dentist for certain oral issues, but it depends on their condition. A chipped tooth might not fall under a dental emergency, but a fracture can be if it causes severe pain. If the pain is manageable and is not caused by infection, patients can wait. When it is unclear, the best thing to do is to speak with an emergency dentist immediately to address the issue.

Preventing dental emergencies

Patients can avoid certain dental emergencies by simply going to a general dentist regularly for checkups. During those appointments, the dentist will examine the oral cavity for developing issues that can potentially cause pain. They may also recommend ways to prevent dental emergencies from happening. For those who participate in contact sports, the general dentist might suggest getting a custom mouthguard to prevent oral injuries. Patients must also avoid biting on hard items or food that may break the teeth and cause pain.

Visit the emergency dentist for a toothache

When experiencing a toothache or other worrisome symptoms like inflammation or bleeding, it is best to visit the emergency dentist’s office as soon as possible. They will identify the cause of the pain and recommend appropriate treatment to relieve the pain.

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