When Is an In-Office Teeth Whitening Treament Recommended?

Teeth Whitening Tysons, VA

Your smile is one of the essential parts of your appearance, so you may want teeth whitening. It is a great way to add something to your appearance, and it can make your face look better. It makes you appear happier, and it can help others feel better too. And when you have a great smile with white teeth, you will be better equipped to share it with others.

Teeth whitening is recommended for yellow teeth

People might not have great smiles because of many reasons, amongst them being poor oral health. Many people have some form of an oral health problem. These issues can lead to stains on the teeth. Eating foods high in sugar could also cause dental decay.

Sometimes, the teeth become stained because of eating highly pigmented foods, like berries. Tea and coffee drinkers can also have staining on the teeth. For these individuals, in-office teeth whitening will likely be recommended. The dentist can help the patient determine if they are the right candidate for the procedure.

Choosing the right in-office teeth whitening treatment

Because of advances in technology, individuals can find a range of solutions to achieve the brightest smile possible. Patients might find it challenging to pick the right option. However, the dentist can explain the technology in detail. That way, the patient can work with the dentist to choose an ideal solution.

One option for in-office teeth whitening treatment involves using a laser. The light can help activate the teeth whitening gel, allowing it to work better. The dentist will complete the treatment in an hour or less. Patients will want to be careful with their teeth after that since the teeth could be more sensitive. The dentist might recommend using a toothpaste designed for patients with sensitive teeth.

To maintain in-office treatment results, the dentist might recommend taking home a few trays to use. These might offer better results, allowing the patient to go longer between office visits. The dentist can create custom trays that fit the teeth well. It might help the results last longer.

Who is in-office teeth whitening not recommended for?

Not everyone is a candidate for an in-office procedure. Some stains might develop because of trauma to the tooth or because of specific types of medication. Then the patient’s teeth will not respond to the bleach found in the teeth whitening solution. In that case, the dentist might recommend an alternative, such as veneers or crowns. These can fit the teeth to hide the issues, allowing the teeth to retain their natural look.

Choose the right teeth whitening treatment today

When it comes to teeth whitening, you will want to pick a dentist who has experience. When you understand the options available, you will be on your way toward getting a brighter smile. If you want to know more, feel free to set up an appointment. You will then enjoy your smile more than ever.

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