When a Family Dentist Would Recommend Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Tysons, VA

Oral surgery is occasionally necessary to treat dental problems or replace lost teeth. When a tooth problem necessitates it, the family dentist may recommend oral surgery. Patients tend to get nervous at the mention of surgery, but the procedures are only suggested when other non-invasive options will not be effective.

Why a patient might need oral surgery

Some of the reasons why a dentist may recommend oral surgery include:

Placement of dental implants

Dental implants are a common method of replacing missing teeth and necessitate oral surgery. Implants remain the most durable and natural-looking option available. When a tooth is lost, bone tissue loss may occur. Implants prevent this.

The implant is placed directly into the patient's jaw and merges with the jaw via a process known as osseointegration, which usually takes several months. This results in a highly durable tooth restoration that looks and feels very much like a natural tooth. Crowns will be placed on implants to replace a single tooth, while dentures and bridges can replace multiple teeth.

An impacted tooth

Teeth do not always emerge correctly. Their development may be hindered by an impediment, such as another tooth due to a lack of room on the jaw, or they may simply be erupting at an odd angle. An impacted tooth may cause discomfort and damage to neighboring teeth. Teeth that are impacted are also more susceptible to infection than teeth that erupt normally. An impacted tooth is often removed through surgical extraction. Unless it is a wisdom tooth, an impacted tooth may generally be replaced with an oral prosthesis.

Bone grafts

Bone grafts repair regions of the mouth where the bone tissues have been injured or weakened. If the patient's jawbone is not thick enough to hold a dental implant, the operation is occasionally done before the implants are installed. Donor tissues may be synthetic or derived from other bodily components. The transplant is placed in places where additional bone tissue is required. The grafting procedure will augment and stimulate the growth of bone tissue.

Sinus lift

A sinus lift is a treatment that thickens the upper jaw bone structures. Implants in the upper jaw are kept in place by the sinuses. The graft promotes the formation of new bone tissues while thickening the existing ones. Patients who require bone grafts before receiving implants may be required to wait up to three months for recovery before receiving implants.

Resolving jawbone problems

Oral surgery may be performed to correct abnormalities, bone infections, and trauma-induced damage to bone structures in the jaw. It may also be used to treat temporomandibular joint disorders.

Book an appointment with the dentist

There is no reason to be worried about oral surgery if you have an experienced family dentist. During these operations, anesthetics are utilized to ensure that the patient does not experience any discomfort. If you have an oral issue that may need surgery, contact the dental office for an examination. The dentist will guide you on the right treatment and tell you what to expect.

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