Should I go to an Emergency Dentist if a Tooth is Knocked Out?

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Accidents happen and can result in a knocked out tooth, resulting in a need to make a trip to the emergency dentist's office. Perhaps it was one of those teeth that do not show when smiling, which can lead to considering skipping a dental visit. However, regardless of the tooth's location, it is necessary to visit an emergency dentist because a knocked-out tooth compromises oral health and should be restored or replaced as soon as possible.

The implications of missing teeth

Patients often wonder why a lost tooth that is invisible and causes no pain needs to be checked by a dentist. When a tooth gets knocked out, it kickstarts a series of events in the oral cavity. First, the gums and bones supporting the tooth soon begin to recede. The tooth that is supposed to keep the area stimulated is done, so the body stops supplying nutrients. Gradually, the remaining teeth will start to shift toward the gap, disrupting the bite's normal alignment. Bite misalignment can cause the teeth to touch each other at odd angles and start deteriorating.

Another implication is that the exposed gum tissue is susceptible to bacterial invasion, which can cause gum disease. Gum disease can lead to permanent and painful effects, thus resulting in endless appointments with a general dentist. 

How to handle a knocked-out tooth

It is critical to replace the missing tooth as soon as possible to prevent the complications that come with losing a tooth. It might even be possible to reattach the tooth if the patient gets to the emergency dentist's office early enough. To increase the chances of successful reattachment, patients need to keep the teeth viable by holding the tooth by the crown and not the root and cleaning it with clean water.

One can preserve the tooth by putting it back in its socket or keeping it in a container of milk until dental care is possible.  Emergency dentists typically provide 24-hour emergency dental service so they may be able to restore the tooth. The restoration is typically done within one hour of the incident. After an hour, the chances of the tooth's viability reduces significantly.

At the dentist's office, the knocked-out tooth will probably be reimplanted and supported by nearby teeth via splints for about two to eight weeks. The tooth may also require a root canal procedure for long-term use.

In conclusion

If restoring the original tooth is not possible, a general dentist will offer replacement options like dental implants to prevent the issues that may result from losing a tooth.

That said, even if the knocked out is painless and causes no bleeding, patients need to contact an emergency dentist for help if it ever happens. There may be unseen tissue damage that may need to be checked by the dental professional. If you participate in contact sports, the dentist may also recommend getting a mouthguard to protect the teeth.

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