Multiple Tooth Implants Options

Multiple Teeth Replacement Options Tysons, VA

Many patients need to have one or more teeth taken out, making necessary. Without replacement, there can be gaps in the bite of the patient. Multiple tooth implants can help to replace these missing teeth to enhance the smile. Implants get permanently placed in the jawbone. Keep reading to find out more about multiple tooth implants.

Dental implant bridge

Patients might choose an implant bridge to restore their teeth. Not every tooth will be replaced by the implants. Instead, one or more implants are used to support the bridge. There may be several teeth replaced by a dental bridge. The advantage is that it might not cost as much. It is still aesthetically pleasing.

The dentist will evaluate the patient’s oral health. They can see if the patient is a good fit for getting dental implants. A bridge might be in the anterior, where there might not be as much heavy biting force. The right place is the lower jaw of the patient.

Getting an overdenture

An overdenture is a functional, economical method of replacing dentures that do not fit correctly. It is removable and can replace an arch of the patient’s teeth. Multiple tooth implants are used in the bone and have snaps-like attachments on them. The denture can go over the implants and snap into place tightly.

The choice to get this depends on the patient and dental needs. It might be because there are multiple missing teeth. Or the patient might have poor oral health and need a device to correct issues. These are often very comfortable and offer a lot of functionality. The denture is not very likely to slip out of place. It lets the patient enjoy eating again.

Getting multiple tooth implants

There are different bone densities in the lower and in the upper jaw. These require varying numbers of implants to be placed for stability. A recommended, common treatment is for there to be four implants in the jaw’s arch. That way, the forces can be balanced on the patient’s implants.

The patient will have a consultation about their medical history and have surgery instructions. The remaining teeth can be extracted if necessary. Any bone augmentation might be done at this point as well. Then the implants can be placed. If needed, there might be a temporary crown or denture placed. The implants can be placed at any time.

The healing time might go from about three to six months. Recovery will depend on the completed procedure and the overall health of the individual. It is important to follow the instructions from the dentist. The patient may visit the dentist to be monitored. Once the implants are stable, the prosthetic can be placed.

Choose the right multiple tooth implants options today

When it comes to replacing multiple teeth, you have many options open to you. From bridges to other implants, you have a range to choose from. Your dentist can help you make the right decision. It is a good idea to make an appointment today so that you can learn about your many options.

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