Maintaining Results After Teeth Bleaching From Your Dentist

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The procedure of teeth bleaching is only the first step in having a bright, white smile. After the teeth whitening has been completed, it is up to the patient to keep making the right decisions to ensure the progress is not lost. Although the whitening process can be repeated as necessary, proper maintenance can make each whitening session last longer, saving the patient time and money. 

How to maintain professional teeth bleaching results

Professional teeth whitening services performed by a dentist are designed to provide a significant difference in teeth color with long-lasting results using methods and materials that do not harm the enamel. After the patient leaves the office, there are several habits to develop that keep the teeth whiter for longer. 

Reduce foods and beverages that stain

Immediately after whitening, the teeth are at their most sensitive and vulnerable to staining. For the first 48 hours after teeth bleaching, it is essential to completely avoid any food or beverages that are heavily pigmented and cause staining:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Soda
  • Red wine
  • Dark-colored condiments
  • Dark vegetables such as beets or tomatoes
  • Bright fruits such as berries
  • Foods that have dyes or pigments added

After the first couple of days post-whitening, keeping a limit on these types of foods can also extend the results of the whitening session. 

Rinse after meals

Those who decide to introduce staining foods and beverages back into the diet can help prevent staining by drinking water with meals or rinsing the mouth with water immediately after the meal is completed. Chewing sugar-free gum can also help eliminate staining products from the mouth. Even better, brushing the teeth after eating or drinking anything that has the potential to stain helps maintain the whitening results longer and is healthier for the teeth and gums. 

Use a straw with staining drinks

Individuals who drink coffee, tea and soda can avoid some of the associated teeth staining by using straws. Drinking through a straw helps keep the liquid away from the teeth. Those who are eco-conscious and do not want to add more plastic straws into circulation can try reusable silicone, stainless steel or paper straws instead with the same effect on stain avoidance. 

Cut out tobacco

One of the world offenders for staining the teeth is tobacco. Using tobacco, whether smoking, chewing or dipping, leads to heavy staining, tooth damage and a number of other dental and physical health concerns. Ideally, a patient who wants whiter teeth should try to quit using tobacco before visiting the dentist for professional teeth whitening. Smoking or using smokeless tobacco soon after teeth bleaching greatly reduces the length of time needed between whitening sessions. 


Professional teeth bleaching can help patients realize their dreams of having a beautiful, white smile. How long the results last depends on how compliant the patient decides to be during the aftercare period. By avoiding staining products, cutting out tobacco use and rinsing the mouth regularly, the results of professional teeth whitening can last much longer. 

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