Implant Crown Options for a Dental Implant

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A dental implant procedure is complete after the dentist affixes the dental crown. The crown is fitted to the abutment on the implant's head to make restoration look like a natural tooth. The dental implant crown can be produced from materials like porcelain, ceramic, gold, and metal alloys. However, porcelain and ceramic materials are preferred for their natural look and cosmetic appeal. On the other hand, gold crowns are the strongest.

Implant crown options

The dental crown material is not the only factor to consider when choosing restorations for the dental implant. The technique for fixing the crown to the implant also varies. When it comes to dental implant crown options, the dentist can choose between two major types: screw-retained or cement-retained.

Screw-retained implant crown

This option consists of a lingual and occlusal screw. The dental lab technician will fabricate the crown to include a screw hole. The hole fits a connecting screw that goes over the abutment's external end on the implant and ensures the crown stays in place permanently. The system makes it easier to remove the dental crown, either for repair or more cleaning. The dental implant crown can only be taken out by a dentist.

Cement-retained implant crowns

These crowns also sit on the top of the abutment. However, they are held permanently in place using dental cement. This option has better aesthetic appeal and ensures secure attachment to the implant. However, it is harder to remove the crown compared to the screw-retained options. In most cases, the crown needs to be replaced if it ever gets damaged.

Benefits and drawbacks of cement-retained and screw-retained crowns

These dental implant crowns look great and function just like natural teeth. However, they are not perfect. It is easier to remove the screw-retained dental crown for repairs, cleaning, or replacement. However, the access hole is susceptible to chips. The general dentist can fix this issue with composite bonding. Another major drawback of screwed crowns is that they may loosen over time. Patients will need to book an appointment with the general dentist to tighten them.

The main issue with cemented crowns is that inflammation may occur if dental cement touches the gum line. Due to the cement used to hold the crown, complications may arise if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Choose dental implant restoration

Regardless of the choice of implant crown, patients can be assured of a restoration that feels, functions, and looks like their natural tooth. This can be a big confidence booster since tooth loss is known to cause self-esteem issues. Aside from the cosmetic appeal, dental implants are the only tooth restoration option that replaces the tooth roots and preserves jawbone health.

During the initial consultation for dental implants, the general dentist will discuss the entire procedure, including the available implant crown options. Note that the crown will only be placed after the implant fuses fully with the jawbone. If you have a missing tooth and would like to learn more about implant restorations, book an appointment with the dentist today.

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