Dental Implants Options for Multiple Missing Teeth

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When missing multiple teeth, a general dentist might suggest getting a bridge or partial denture supported by dental implants. Depending on the patient’s case, the dentist may also suggest using an implant to replace each missing tooth. Essentially, patients can either have multiple dental implants that work as single units or held together for better strength. The restoration option for several missing teeth typically depends on factors like the patient’s jaw, number of missing teeth, and preferences.

Implant-supported crowns

When a tooth is lost at different points around the dental arch with natural teeth still intact, a general dentist may recommend placing a single dental implant in those areas. This ensures that the nearby teeth do not have to bear the burden of supporting the replacement tooth, as with dental bridges. This is also advisable when the nearby teeth cannot be used for traditional bridges. The dentist can place all of the dental implants at the same time. Afterward, crowns will be attached.

Dental implants bridge for multiple missing teeth

In some cases, placing a dental implant to replace each missing tooth is not necessary or feasible. The dentist will recommend an implant-supported bridge in such cases, especially if the teeth are missing consecutively. The implant bridge has the same structure (created from metal alloy framework and porcelain crowns) as the conventional dental bridge, except that it is supported by dental implants and not natural teeth. The dentist can place two implants to support a three-tooth bridge or three implants to support a four or five-tooth bridge.

Implant-supported dentures

When almost all the teeth are missing, getting a denture might be the only choice left. Traditional dentures have many drawbacks that have made them undesirable for patients with several missing teeth. Implant restorations are just as functional as natural teeth and work by getting the required support from the jawbone. Unlike traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures provide improved chewing ability, better stability, and good aesthetic appeal.

The dentist can use as little as four implants to support a complete arch of missing teeth. These dentures have better retention, yet patients will still be able to remove them for cleaning. The mode of denture connection to the dental implant could be locator copings, abutments, retention bars, or telescopic attachments. The attachment method depends on the patient’s needs.

Implant-supported dentures might be preferable for patients who want to be able to remove their restoration for cleaning. A fixed option like an implant bridge might be hard to clean for those with limited dexterity.

The benefits of choosing implant-supported restorations

Dental implants are highly durable, functional, and have more benefits than other traditional replacement options. Aside from looking and functioning like natural teeth, implant-supported restorations are the only options that do not require adjacent teeth for support. Dental implants also replace lost tooth roots, which are needed in order to preserve the health and structure of the jawbone. Implant restorations are also more comfortable than traditional bridges and dentures.

Final note

Those that have multiple missing teeth can benefit from getting dental implants. Book an appointment with the general dentist to learn more about the options.

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