Cosmetic Dentistry Options: Dental Crowns vs. Veneers

Dental Crowns Tysons, VA

When you are considering cosmetic dentistry, you might be wondering if veneers or dental crowns are better. Dental crowns and veneers are both restoration methods for your teeth. Both of them can improve both the function and the look of your teeth. A veneer covers the front of your tooth while a crown covers the whole tooth. Knowing more about them can help you make the right choice.

What is the difference between the two?

A veneer is a thin layer of ceramic, porcelain or other materials. It is about one millimeter thick and is bonded to the front of an existing tooth. A crown is about two millimeters thick and covers the entire tooth. A dental crown can be porcelain fused to metal, porcelain or all metal. The condition of the tooth will determine which one is right for a patient. Some common reasons for a dental restoration include:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Discolored teeth

When to choose dental crowns

A crown will cover the entire tooth. When a patient gets a dental crown, more of the tooth will need to be filed down or ground down. This will help prepare the tooth for the crown to be placed. Patients who have tooth decay will have the decayed portion removed first.

Then the crown can be made. Sometimes, a tooth may need to be built up to support the impact of the crown. Damaged teeth can also be built up. Dental bonding can be used for this. Patients will receive local anesthesia for this process.

Patients who have decayed or unsightly teeth can benefit from dental crowns. A misshapen tooth can be completely covered with a dental crown. This can restore its appearance. If there is a large chip in the tooth, a dental crown can work better than a veneer as well.

Benefits of dental crowns

Because the whole tooth is covered with a dental crown, it is protected more from decay. Many people receive dental crowns after root canal procedures. Another benefit of crowns is that they look similar to the natural teeth. Porcelain crowns can look very similar to the patient’s natural teeth.

Another benefit is that crowns are more permanent. This means that crowns will not need to be removed for a cleaning as dentures do. To clean around a crown, patients simply need to brush and floss the area. Sometimes, dental insurance can cover part of the cost of the crown.

Visit a dentist today

If you are considering dental crowns and veneers, then a cosmetic dentist can help you decide. Veneers are a good choice for covering the front of the tooth. However, if your tooth has more extensive decay, then a dental crown is often better. For the back molars, crowns often work better too because they can be sturdier than veneers. Making an appointment with a dentist today will help you make the right choice for your new smile.

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