Advantages Clear Aligners Have Over Traditional Braces

Clear Aligners Tysons, VA

There are quite a few benefits that someone will experience compared to traditional braces when it comes to clear aligners. Along with aesthetic benefits, clear aligners can be quicker to adjust teeth and can help a person continue to have a sense of normalcy with their dental and oral health. Although traditional braces can have their benefits in certain circumstances, each patient has their reason for choosing this treatment for getting straight teeth.

Benefits of clear aligners

Clear aligners have many benefits for patients choosing this as their teeth straightening option. Along with being transparent and not causing a person to have to deal with the aesthetic difficulties of traditional braces, they are beneficial in the following ways.

Relatively quick treatment

Because clear aligners are used in phases of different aligners that are worn for at least 20 hours per day, the average time for the straightening process to be completed is between one year and a year and six months. For traditional braces, it typically takes two to three years to complete.

Easier maintenance

Clear aligners are easier to keep clean and are not as cumbersome as traditional braces. When someone needs to eat, then the clear aligners are removed. After the patient eats a meal and cleans their teeth, the aligners are put back on. At night, washing the clear aligners is easy and takes less than a minute.


Clear aligners are almost invisible. They are ideal for someone who does not like the look and feel of the wires and metal of traditional braces. For people who are conscious of how they look when getting a picture taken, this aspect alone can be the deciding factor.


Clear aligners tend to be quicker at straightening teeth. It may seem that traditional braces would be the best option for speed, but this is not always the case.

Because clear aligners are made precisely for the wearer, it makes the straightening process more clear-cut. Of course, wearing clear aligners at least 20 hours per day is mandatory, and not doing so could cause issues or the process to take longer.

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