4 Tips to Prevent Gum Disease

Gum Disease Tysons, VA

It can be hard to get rid of gum disease, but one of the first ways is to determine your stage. The least advanced form is gingivitis. That might involve puffy gums or blood while flossing. But if it is more advanced, it can lead to bone damage and gum issues. No matter what kind you have, you need to have the right routine to prevent it from worsening.

1. Get a good cleaning from the dentist

It is essential to have healthy oral health habits. However, even the most careful routine can still leave some plaque on the teeth. That is why it is critical to see the dentist every six months. If the plaque has hardened to tartar, it is impossible to remove it at home. Dentists have specific tools used to remove the bacteria from the teeth.

2. Improving home care

Gum disease often happens to those who have not had a careful enough oral hygiene routine. In the early stages, it is easy to treat at home by improving the care routine. It is critical to floss the teeth once a day and brush after each meal. A dentist might recommend that a patient use mouthwash. Some might be antiseptic or antibacterial.

A patient might use the mouthwash twice a day or even after each meal. Home care also includes scheduling regular cleanings with the dentist. If the plaque remains too long, it can become calculus. Brushing will not remove that, and the patient should not try it themselves. Otherwise, there is the risk of damaging the teeth permanently. The good news is the early stages of gum disease are easily preventable with these steps.

3. Using medication

Patients who have some gum disease can prevent it from advancing by using medications. If the problems are not going away, the dentist might prescribe antibiotics. That can eliminate the bacteria causing the infection. There are several types a patient might get. Those could include antibiotic rinses to gels that go on the gums and between the teeth.

4. Allowing the dentist to address any issues

Gum disease might advance while the patient does not treat the condition. A dentist might need to do gum surgery to treat the problem. There are a few kinds of surgery, and a patient might have one or more of those. The goal is to remove inflammation and deep pockets from the patient’s mouth.

There are options such as soft tissue grafts, which involve replacing worn gums, so the roots get covered. A patient can also have flap surgery. This involves lifting the teeth’s gums to remove the tartar from the teeth’s roots. Then the gums get sutured around the patient’s teeth again.

Choose the right gum disease option today

Your dentist can help you decide how to prevent gum disease. If you already have the condition, the dentist might help treat it. That might include procedures such as gum surgery, which can be highly invasive. Making an appointment now is the first step.

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